Bratislavský Hrncovar 2024 – instructions for labeling and delivering of entries

Samples can be handed over in person or sent by Packeta.
Please, if you have the opportunity, hand over the entries in person at  Hostinec Opapa, Moskovská 16, Bratislava, on Friday, April 26, 2024, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
If you do not have the opportunity to hand over the entries in person, you can also send them to us via the Packeta delivery service, between 4/15/2024 – 4/26/2024. Please send packages to the following drop-off points:

When sending samples via Packeta, please enter the following data of the recipient:

  • Name and surname: Zoltán Pulai
  • Phone number: +421908907075
  • E-mail:

If Packeta delivery service is not available in your country, please contact us at to arrange delivery details individually.

You can pay the entry fee by bank transfer, by card via the Stripe service or in cash when handing over / sending the entries. When paying by bank transfer, enter the transfer to the account  SK5209000000005166256121 , use the order number as a variable symbol, enter “hrncovar2024” in the note.

We remind you again of the requirements for competition entries:

  • samples must be  divided into at least 3 glass bottles in a minimum volume of 1L    (e.g. 3×0.33L, 3×0.5L, …). Delivery of samples in PET bottles is not allowed.
  • Only bottles with a volume of 0.33l and 0.5l will be accepted.  Bottles with a volume of 0.75l, 1l and more will not be accepted.
  • the bottle must not have any permanently affixed labels, tags (that is, even the original labels), and the caps must not be marked in any way
  • each sample package must be marked with  a removable label  generated during entry registration (see below)
  • in case of non-compliance with these conditions, we reserve the right to exclude such entries from the competition without the right to refund the fee for participation in the competition

Procedure for generating labels:

  1. Open an overview of your  orders
  2. Click on “Order overview” for the order for which you want to print labels
  3. Click on the “Print Labels” button


  1. If you have not yet made a payment, for example because you will pay in cash when handing over the samples, the warning “Your payment is expected” will be displayed. You can print the registration labels, but the actual registration will take place only after the payment has been verified.” Click the OK button.objednavka_hrncovar_tlac_stitkov_warning
  2. A PDF document with labels will be generated. Print the labels, cut them out and attach them to the bottles with a rubber band.


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